When you knock on the door you hope that someone will open it! If the door does not open, you will be
disappointed because your wish was not fulfilled. At the Kurtuluş Church you will realize that we are
waiting for you, your visit to this website is like knocking on our door. We want to welcome you. Our
door is open and our family is ready to let you in.
Hello, my name is İhsan Özbek and I am the pastor of the Kurtuluş Church. When you click on the
various tabs on this website, you will notice that we offer you many things -but the most important
thing is our partnership. We offer you a place where you will be cared for, valued; a safe place to make
good friends and be heard, so that your hopes and dreams, your anxieties or worries and gifts will
become more meaningful.
On this page you can learn more about who Jesus is and how important you are in His eyes. Here you
will find many opportunities to hold the hands of others and to be held by others when you need it. We
want to serve you. We are a family and if you knock, we want to open the door for you to come in.
Welcome! The door is open!

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